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Discover the Benefits of Co-op Membership

Co-op Equity and Cash Back - Purchase a membership from your local retail co-op and you immediately begin sharing in the success of your co-op. With each purchase you build up equity. At the end of the year, if your local co-op shows a profit, you share in that profit according to your purchases. Only co-ops return their earnings to local member-owners!

Quality Private Label Products - Product selection at co-op stores includes many of our own private label brands.

Personalized Service - Co-ops provide quality service in all areas!

Your Community Builder - Co-ops are proud sponsors of local community groups through regular charity brunches, barbeques, donations to food banks and more. Our success is measured in the success of the people we employ, in the services we offer to our members, and in the equitable way our earnings are distributed to members.

It's easy to join! To become a co-op member, just go to the customer service counter at any location of your local co-op, fill out an application form, and make a one-time minor investment.

Join today and enjoy all the benefits of co-op membership!
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