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bulk propane services

"Professional, reliable propane service... where and when you need it!"

Bulk propane delivery

Co-op Propane is fully equipped to handle any size or type of propane installation. Whether you’re at home, on the farm or at the cottage, or involved in any type of agricultural, commercial or industrial enterprise, we have the people, trucks and equipment to look after all of your propane needs. Whether you own your own tanks or rent from us, our automatic route delivery system is designed to give you peace of mind.

Service, installation, tanks and equipment

Our installations are carried out by our own experienced and licensed gas fitters, who adhere to the strictest of regulations and our own exacting standards. Our drivers are seasoned professionals who receive regular training and whose duties are carried out using the latest equipment and technology. Moreover, our trained professionals live and work in the communities they serve.

Since 1967, when Co-op Propane was first established, we have pledged to do things right the first time. Our attention to detail puts your safety and satisfaction first!

Tank choices

Choosing a tank or tanks for your application is dependent on a number of factors, including your proximity to our nearest location, the frequency of our visits into your area, the type and size (BTU rating) of your appliances, and whether your demand is continuous or temporary, predictable or periodic. 

Propane Tanks have traditionally been named by their capacity in U.S. gallons, the most common being 500 and 100 gallon tanks. However, since we deliver propane by the litre and tanks are never filled to more than 85% of their capacity, actual usable capacity is an important consideration.

This chart lists the most common tank models and their usable capacity, as well as common applications and suggested maximum volume throughputs. This is just a rough guide; we will always choose the tank or tanks that best suit your application.


TANK MODEL (US) LITRES @ 85% capacity Maximum Annual Volume Description of most common applications
120 gal. aka ‘Pig’ 380 Up to 1000 Cottages, fireplaces, temporary office trailers etc. Pigs can be installed next to a wall. They are often “paired” to meet demand.
250 gal. 800 1000-2500 As above, but when pigs are not practical
500 gal. 1600 2500-5000 Houses, shops, small commercial applications
1000 gal. 3200 5000-15000 Commercial applications, hog or chicken barns, construction, etc.
2000 gal. 6400 20000 up Larger commercial or agricultural applications where two or three 2000s are needed to meet demand. Seldom would one 2000 be used.

*** Contact your retail Co-op or Co-op propane branch representative to discuss details on tank rental options available***


• It is common to install multiple tanks of the same size to meet volume requirements.
• Tanks larger than a 'pig' must be positioned at least 10’ from a building wall
• Typically, two 1000s would be used rather than a single 2000 to save costs.

Other equipment:

Some applications with large BTU demands may require the installation of a vaporizer to ensure adequate pressure is consistently delivered to the burners. We supply and install vaporizers and a variety of other equipment for specialized applications.

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